I have a pdf book and i want to creat an app from it

i have a pdf book and i want to creat an app from this book

You might be able to do this with your pdf: https://puravidaapps.com/snippets.php#2pdf

Pdf files are inherently large so you might have to convert your pdf to an html file or to plain text and reduce its size by a significant amount. If your book does not contain a lot of pictures, an html or plain text version might be a reasonable way to present your book as an App Inventor application (eBook).

What you do depends on what your book contains : text exclusively, text plus images. If it contains images, the images can be made to a smaller file size.

To make an eBook using text files or html files , the advice here might be helpful: eBook

or Taifun’s



Or, if you really want to have some AI2 fun: