I have a listview how can i save my previous selection(background)

i have a listview how can i save my previous selection(background)

This is how you can have your selection available for further program,


I mean, I will save the selection, for example a list with 30 choices, then when I choose number 2, I will save the first choice (background selection) and so on until the end of the list.

This way,


Your description does not make any sense, perhaps lost in language translation, but it is too brief.

Can you draw a step-by-step diagram of what is supposed to happen to the List View?

Also, for the future, take a screenshot of your phone, not a photo. You can take a screenshot, email the image to yourself, then post the image in your Forum Topic.

Perhaps something like this?

ListSelectedItems.aia (3.4 KB)

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Hi Chris, it runs well but when initializig you have to read the db then populate the listview

That is completely normal. If you wish though, you could populate the ListView via a button, or via a list of lists if you have several.

If you want just one list and save only the highlighted items (rows), you should be able to do that with a single-column HTML Table and JavaScript (no internet required). You could also try out the table extensions available for App Inventor.

I'm sorry, I was wrong, my suggestion is

Ah yes, in fact it should be:


.... so that it still works if the selections are added to. You probably want to be able to remove an item too, so again, the Block List is necessary.

(Edit: Set the Select Items List first, so the User does not perceive a delay)

There are other ways to handle Lists. See my website, starting here: