I have a issue with the operation + cannot accept the arguments: , ["X"], [1]

I am doing a assignment for my mid term, and I make it with reference to this video:
App Inventor Tic Tac Toe Tutorial: More Procedures, For Loops, and Lists

When I try this app, it shows this information:

  • error message: the operation + cannot accept the arguments: , [“X”], [1]

And I looked the video comments below, someone says: change the value of global turn from O to X.

But I don’t know how to do it, please someone help me, thanks!!


APP.aia (8.0 KB)

Change this:
newGame: global numTurns to global turn

Thanks to you, it works!!

Next time debug your blocks first:
connect to Comanion, right mouse clock: “Do it”:

So “Do it” mean test result?

Yes, see here:


This is the easiest and best way to find and solve issues yourself.

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