I have 4 checkbox that user will need to check two and in next screen it will appear the picture, Do I have manually put that one checkbox and two checkbox then add to list item and to all possible user answer? or is there any shorcut for it

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Please explain what you want to achieve.

sorry I'm not fluent in English so my explanation might not clear

You probably need a complete re-think as to how you are doing it, make use of lists/listpickers/listviews for your menu selections and images, then you can create a template for order selections that can be used for any selection.

Search this board for 'Fruit Stand' for an example of a purchase shopping cart.

Use the advanced chechboxes to find out, which ones have been checked


I don't think the lists/listpickers/listviews can be multiple select?

there are total 6 combinations, you need to prepare 6 pictures.

Here are a couple of multi select examples ...