I have 3 listviews, is it possible to make them work as one when I do a search?

I have 3 listviews, is it possible to make them work as one when I do a search?
that is to say to look for from a ShowFilterBar and that it sees in the 3 for example all those that contain the letter C


I'm not sure what do you expect...You filter in the first ListView and then, that same filter is applied to the other ListViews automatically?

Maybe with this you can do something like that.

I assume the three ListViews have the same number of Elements, and are meant to be viewed in parallel?

This is a different situation than the one where the ListView Elements have been loaded from a table (list of lists) with 3 columns, vertical stripe by vertical stripe.

If you have access to such a base table, you could use the advanced filter list block
where each item is a row of the table with 3 sub-items, and you test whichever sub-items you want for inclusion in the output table.

Once you have the output table, use that to extract the three vertical stripes for your 3 ListView Elements lists.

This is the preferred approach, in my opinion.

If you don't have the base table, that's a matter for another post, juggling lists of indexes.

I have this table in firebase

and have 3 listview in app, where one column is PN the other equivalente and the last equivalente1

when I search in the first list, for example when I type 12 it reduces the list to only the components that contain 12, my question is: can I do that when I type 12 it reduces the components in all the columns showing only those that contain the letter 12?
what I mark in red, searching from the "buscar" field.

is possible to do this ?

Have you checked and understood the example of the link?

EDIT: The same example with 3 ListViews:
CustomFilterBarClock_3LV.aia (6.3 KB)

Yes, I saw the link but when I saw only 1 list I thought that I had not explained myself well and that is why I re-submitted the question.
I´m sorry and thank´s for your clarification, what you indicate in the example that you send me is exactly what I want to do.

if you want can close it

Do you really have to use listviews?

A table would be much easier?

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