I got errors that i do not understand

This is error i got when i am loading from firebase

Please download and post each of those event block(s)/procedures here ...
P.S. These blocks can be dragged directly into your Blocks Editor workspace.

See Download Block Images for a demo.

Where did your code get the idea that there would be 111 items in that 106 item list?

This is very good question and it maybe the answer also .. i will post the codes when i back but its a very big codes actually i just retrieve data from firebase this data is like time of chemical test and its value then there are google trends that shows the data i decide to make one day button and week button and month button to show data only done in a day or week and so on this day and week is calculated based on the number of tests per day its value stored in tiny database

I solved it thank you sir updated the requsted length

To use a fix length probably is not the best idea... you might want to use the length of list block.


Yes you are right the problem was small update i have made to the app .. this app as i told you is to control online analyser and i wished to make user can control more than one analyser with the app so i added the device serial to the storage data and whenever the user enter the app choice which device to control .. at one point where i store the number of tests per day i did not updated to correct new tag name thats make this error because it asked for data that not there ! I will try to make some images but the app is so big to just show here its more than 15 mega byte

There are if statement i added to check the list block length and if the requsted data is more than the length it give the total length and ignore the requsted length

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