I don't see the list of get blocks.

almost done but
An error occurred at the end.
The list in the get block is gone
Cannot select variable.
It's the same even if you copy another one
It's the same when you take it out again.
Why is this?

have you define any global variable?

the k c m y in the other procedure is local variable, only working in this procedure/event.

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No list of variables appears.
In blocks that have already appeared, the list appears, but
The list does not appear in a copy or new variable get block
If you copy it, it will be judged as if it does not exist.

Even if I change the language to English, it's the same
Even restarting is the same.

Have you read my previous message?
Local variable can not be used out of it's defination scope.

...the variables appearing in the get box are local to their procedure, you cannot access them outside of the procedure.

A get box such as the one you show for a Button click event, will only contain global variables since the Button has no local variables. If there are no global variables either, the box will contain nothing.

So, if you need those local variable values for use outside of the procedure, delete them and create global variables instead.

...also, give your variables meaningful names - your code will be easier to follow when you go back to it later.

I finally realized
I have to call?

You have to make global variables for values that are shared across your code.

A clock mounted on wall(local variable)in your home is only accessible by the member inside the home, but clock tower(global variable) is accessible to everyone.

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