I do not know how to make a user profile screen

Hello. I have made a screen were you can sign up and log in. After that, I want to make a user profile page where the user can see his user name and some other information. Any ideas about how to make that?


are you asking about the design or about how/where store the users data?

Hello, thanks for asking. For example, a user signs up with username John and password 1234.
Then he will set his birthday date and some other information. I want this specific information to be seen only in a profile page when someone types username John and password 1234. This applies also for any other user, after setting his information.

And where are the data stored (usernames passwords and profiles)?

The usernrame and password are stored in a cloudDB. The profile information should be also stored in a cloudDB.

if you are using the username like tag, then you can store the others parameters of the profile and when the user login, recover all the data and display the profile info in the components you want.


The same you have stored username/password

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