I can't store value to firebase database

hello, i need help because i don’t understand why i can’t store value to firebase with checkcase, can you please help me ?

Is there any error you got Or what ?

i recieve nothing in my database, maybe a mistake from me or bug, i don’t know!
Is there something wrong in my blocks ?

this is my database:

You are probably losing values as you jump from screen to screen, do it all on one screen.

ok i’m trying it

Also you do not need the two variables because the text values for the checkboxes are the same, you can use them instead

i did it in one screen and it’s work! Thank you !
But how can y save a value from screen1 in order to use it on others screen?

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For that use open another screen with value block…

I try this to save the value but apparently it doesn’t work, i don’t understand why !
Screen1 :
Screen3 :


Try to use with tiny db.

i don’t understand why it’s not working beacause i store the value in label8 and on my screen i can see the right username. maybe i miss something ti store the value in my database ?!

user = where my value is store

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i try this but there is something very strange, when i register my location, i’ve got the notification “well registered” but there is nothin gin my database ! i don’t understand why ??!!

You are assigning a few things round the wrong way in Screen1 (gotValue) and Screen3 (initialise) which can’t be helping…try like this

The notifier will display regardless of whether you have actually stored anything to the database or not. You need to check that values (latitude/longitude) are actually there to be saved before storing in firebase.

i try your solution but it’s the same result.
i checked that i well have values (latitude/longitude) and they appear directly on my screen :


You have a lot of red crosses in your blocks, these need resolving!


yes but it’s nothing, just missplaced

I don’t see any lat/lon values in your screenshot. (and you show the default map location)
You really should be testing for lat/lon values in the variables before your button click events

i can get lat/lon values when my sensor location move, i got the right value for my position but the issue is that i can’t store values in my data base. idk why ??!! :cry: :cry: