I can't send led commands at a specific time

Hello. I’m working on a project in app inventor and arduino. I want to make an alarm clock for arduino, that has some leds too. I succeeded to make the buzzer from arduino to start at a specific time and now i want to make the leds start at the same specific time. I’m using 3 checkboxes and if the user select checkbox 1 it should light up the led number 1 in the same time with the buzzer. (using text command “on”)

Here is the part of my code that should do that, but is not working

I tried a lot of things, but it didn’t work… Can someone help me?

Send hh:mm:on

Interesting getvalue function, I will put it in the tutorials.

I want to send “on” only if the user check the checkbox1, so it need to respect that condition too

if check checkbox sends hh:mm:on

if not check sends hh:mm:off

Thank you so much. It worked.
You also need to use this function for getValue


Can u share the source code and mit app ?