I can't see the spinner font because it's white. It only appears in dark mode

Help me plz

Which component is this? It is not the native AI2 spinner? Also, which builder are you using?

Normal spinner. MIT App Inventor.

Android or iOS?

Post the aia or a simple test aia.

newp.aia (1.3 KB)


newp.aia (1.3 KB)

aia file

Yes. Also once in one component I noticed a problem with colors in warm mode. I think it was the notification component.

"It only appears in dark mode" (from your topic)

The first screenshot was not created in the "Dark" theme but with the "Classic" theme. And there and only there the problem occurs (at least with Companion).

Incidentally, I think that the "Classic" theme is obsolete and should not be used on either Android or iOS.

See also here: