I can't scroll down the block editor using arrow key. Facing difficulty to use block editor as the blocks increase

It is difficult to scroll using mouse. Can you please solve this for better user experience?

What is it: arrow key or mouse?

I can't find a keyboard shortcut for scrolling the blocks editor....

What device are your coding on ?

I am using windows pc. It will be nice if there is an option to scroll the block editor screen using down arrow key or any keyboard key. This is very useful when the blocks get more and more. Imagine, if an if else block contains 1000 else blocks within, and i cannot scroll up and down using arrow keys.

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Expecting More comfort in block editor. Not easy to use block editor as the blocks get increases.

It is too slow to drag and move the block-editor-screen. Expecting more fast. And, it will be good if we can put new blocks in a new block-editor-screen and can be collected all later in one block-editor-screen. Or, it will be nice if we can put new blocks in different block-editor-screens and simultaneously connect all the blocks from different screens to work together.

Currently I am struggling much. If I move the scroll bar now, the block-editor-screen is moving after few seconds.

UPDATE: Now I created few new projects as Part1, Part 2 etc. and I am creating few blocks in each part (or each new project). Later I will merge all the blocks from all the Parts with the help of BackPack.

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