I can't save a .csv into a folder

Many have this problem from what I read, I can't get it to work.
I have Built: June 19 2022 Version: nb189a
The APP in EMULATOR mode works fine, but when generating the APK and testing it on different ANDROID devices with different versions, it does not SAVE the row.
This should READ the file, it works OK either way
Then it shows information on the screen and at the end of RECORDING the file, I did it by ADDING and neither did it, that's why I took the previous information and recorded again.
If anyone is kind enough to help me, I am very grateful.

Muchos tienen este problema por lo que leí, no logro que funcione.
Tengo Built: June 19 2022 Versión: nb189a
La APP en modo EMULADOR funciona bien, pero al generar el APK y probandolo en distintos dispoitivos ANDROID con versiones diferentes no GRABA la fila.
Esta debería LEER el archivo, funciona BIEN en ambas formas
Luego muestra información en pantalla y al finalizar GRABAR el archivo, Lo hice AÑADIENDO y tampoco, por eso tome la info anterior y volví a grabar.
Si alguien tiene la amabilidad de ayudarme desde ya muy agradecido.

You will need to show your relevant blocks / or share your aia project (if someone has the time to take a look)

You could also explain in more detail what it is that you are trying to achieve, and which part of that is not working.

I couldn't place the PICTURE like others do

No pude colocar la IMAGEN como lo hacen otros

In your post use the upload icon to upload an image


Muchas Gracias, Abrazo

Solved in a very strange way
When READING you should go LEGACY but when recording you should go APP
Extremely strange but it works in both modes.
I hope you can collaborate.

Solucionado de forma muy extraña
Al LEER de be ir LEGACY pero al grabar debe ir APP
Sumamente extraño pero funciona en ambos modos.
Ojala que pueda colaborar.

Please post the AIA or a test AIA and use English blocks (temporarily set the language to English in the Designer).