I can't publish an application on the play store, android:exported

You have uploaded an APK or Android App Bundle that contains an activity, activity alias, service or broadcast receiver filtered by intent, but without the "android: exported" property set. This file cannot be installed on Android 12 or later. Visit developer.android.com/about/versions/12/behavior-changes-12#exported.

Who can help me please? I can't publish an application on the play store

You are using an extension, which needs a SDK31 update...


hi, so should i install this extension?

No. Taifun meant that one of the extensions you are using in your app wasn't yet updated to support Android 12 ( which requires the addition of the android:exported attribute to activities, services and broadcast receivers ). You might want to share the extensions you are using in your app.


hi, only extensions? is a very simple app for linking to my sites

Hi, thanks

1 InstallAPK (@Anke)
2 CustomWebView (@vknow360)

  • BrowserPromptHelper
  • DownloadHelper

Make sure to use the latest version of the extensions


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Sorry for the inconvenience.
com.sunny.CustomWebView-v12beta.aix (75.8 KB)

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Thank you all, try to install this..

Thanks to all but, another problem ..

Security and reliability

Clear text traffic allowed for all domains

Notice * brightness_1 * Privacy

But my app doesn't send any data it's just a simple linking app for my sites!

Ignore it.


Issue: Violation of Permissions policy
After reviewing your app, we found that it doesn't qualify to use the requested permissions for the following reason(s):

  • Requested permissions do not match core functionality of the app
    You declared In-vehicle hands-free use and projected display as the core functionality of your app. However, after review, we found that your app does not match the declared use case(s). Learn more about permitted uses and exceptions.
    Please either:
    • Make changes to your app so that it meets the requirements of the declared core functionality or,
    Select a use case that matches your app's functionality

Hello and thank you, how can I solve this problem?

Extensions used?
Post a screenshot from the Google Developer console (Violation of Permissions policy).


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