I can't play a recorded sound from another screen

I have a recorder sound library in one screen, but i need to play it from another, but i can't find a way to make it, i'm new in this so i will apprecciate every help you give.
My idea is to have a checkbox to save and send the recorded sound to tinyDB and play it in the other screen, could someone help me do that?
The image that has 2 big blocks is the recorder (second image), and the other one is the one where i need to play the sound again (first image).
Codigo enfermeria Grabadora

Try this-
Instead of TinyDB1 use this-

yeah i did before you say it and it doest'n work :confused:

If you are posting the blocks please set blocks language to English

OH sorry men, my bad, here it come, thank you for the help!
The first image is the screen where i need to play the sound, the second one is the recorder.
Codigo enfermeria ingles|690x259

sorry i don't know what happen, but this is the screen where i need to play the sound

If possible can you post the aia of the project

i'm new so i think you mean this
AmbuApp.aia (44.7 KB)

Hi Sebastin, I have checked the aia and the problem is this-

Here you are saving the voice in the name given by the user

But here in the screen Enfermeria you are only returning the tag Sonido. So you are not able to hear the saved sounds. To solve the problem use this blocks-

it throw me Error 701: unable to load *archive name :cry:

Can you show the screenshot. I dont have any problem. :thinking:

Show what you have placed

Error 701

Oh sorry, I gave wrong information. Please use this block

now it works!!! thank you a lot!! i really appreciate your entire help!

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:wink:Ok, good to know

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