I can't initialize a global variable to a pre-defined dictionary!

It's really a shock to me that I can't even initialize a global variable to a pre-defined dictionary as shown below:

I don't know why since it should be correct intuitively.

Here I also attach the project file I used for demo.

MyDict (1).aia (5.2 KB)

Thanks very much!

The init worked for me out of the box.
I used the code server, not yet upgraded from last night's bugfix, and the stock AI2 emulator/Companion.

I did not change the values in the dict, nor apply Do It.

Thanks for your quick reply.

The root cause may lies in the inappropriate companion APP(5.25) I used in my cell phone.

Let me try with the latest version of companion APP and update to you.

The answer is positive.

I can make it run in a right way now with the latest companion APP(2.59).

I changed the category since it was not a bug.

Thanks for getting back to us.

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