I Can't find the problem, can you?

If you aren't aware. The core functionality of my HereSafe app is that it sends your entered text message to your chosen contacts when you arrive at the entered destination address. It does that by checking your location every three minutes. When you get there, it sends your message, and then turns off the location checking. I will post pictures of the blocks that I think are involved.

I downloaded and tested my HereSafe app the other night. I chose multiple contacts to send the test message to. The problem is that my app sent the message twice to the first contact I chose, and no message to the second contact. I can't find the issue in the blocks, can you please try to?

If you would like to test it yourself, you can find it here :


Promotion of your application by inserting a link to google play here will do nothing. If you have a problem with the application put a .aia project here, or a dump of all blocks. But it's better .aia for someone to debug it by themselves.

If I post an .aia, couldn't somebody steal it?

PM the aia to @Patryk_F

Without seeing your the blocks, no one will find out what you did wrong. Sometimes you also need to debug the app to see what happens to variables and lists.

Tushe', Mr Patrick_F,

 Sorry for the doubts. I've never had to do this before, and I'm just figuring it all out with the .aia file.  What files out of the . aia should I upload, because it seems like I can't upload the entire .aia? If you think you will be diving right into the blocks, I have to apologize for the disorganization of the blocks.

But, good luck, and thanks for your attention to this matter.