I cant find the blocks i need. Please help!

Screenshot 2021-04-09 11.53.14 PM

I need the block that says or and cant find it or don't know how to make it. someone please help me.


FYI it was a screen shot from a video and cant find the block

Are you asking about the call Notifier1.ShowAlert.
If yes, then go to designer and take the notifier component from the User Interface category. Then go to the Blocks Workspace the Click on the Notifier component and you can see the block.

No, its this block. Screenshot 2021-04-09 11.53.14 PM

That block is in the Logic Cateogory-

yea, i have gotten to that part but I get stuck on the part circled in blue. i cant make the books fit/look like that. Screenshot 2021-04-09 11.53.14 PM

Right click on the Or block and select Extenal Inputs.

Oh, wow. Thank you so much. I am such a noob. Lol. Thanks!

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Welcome :smile:

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You can also simply your blocks


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