I can't connect my iphone to mirror the project on my computer

I have an iPhone 13 and it's not connecting to the project that want to mirror on my laptop. A colleague of mine is having the same issue with her iPhone. I am using the same wifi network and I have tried to login by QR code and manually. Still nothing is going through...can someone help me with this?

Please describe the issue.
Does the progress bar freeze during the loading stage?

Good morning,

I can't connect my iphone 13 to the computer to display my project. When I go into AI Companion and scan the QR code (choosing the phone option) or type in the code manually it doesn't work. Nothing is projected on my phone. Both the phone and computer are on the same wifi as well. I don't think there are any blocks coming from our end either...

By my understanding, you mean to say you do not wish to post your blocks here?

Are you checking the "Use Legacy Connection" option?

If yes, your network may be blocking peer-to-peer TCP connections on port 8001 and you should contact your network administrator to correct the issue.

If no, then the network may be blocking the WebRTC protocols STUN and/or TURN, which negotiate the peer-to-peer connection.

Alternatively, if your project includes extensions, iOS does not support extensions as loading binary code not reviewed during the App Store Review process is disallowed by the App Store Guidelines. You will need to create your project without extensions on iOS.

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No, not that. I'm confused on what you mean by this? I would like to communicate through here to get an answer.

How would I go about changing those settings of blocks?

I'm not sure what you are referring to by "settings of blocks." The legacy setting I was talking about is on the main page before you scan the QR code:

Got it to work with a different computer. Thanks for the help!