I cant build my app to apk

I can't build my app into apk in mit app. It keeps showing this error message , but it used to build before , i dont know why it is happening now.

The current release of AI2 introduced sensitivity to keywords in component names like 'back'
Rename the 'back' button(s) to something like btnBack to avoid this.
If the problem persists, look for other components you can rename like that.

Thank you , ill try it now

Wow thanks , it worked like magic. Thanks once again

Hello , i have another app with the same problem, ive renamed all the buttons as i did to the other app but he same problem persist. See the error message it shows:

Check in the creator, there you will see count in red marks..find it and remove double time take event into single

Please iam somehow new to mit , where can i see creator.

I think mit is a creator on its own


Do the same for components named take

If it's a button btnTake
If it's a label lblTake
If it's a textbox txtTake
If it's a image imgTake

Nice one , its working thank you.

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