I can't access the url "https://classifier.appinventor.mit.edu/"

I can't access the url "https://classifier.appinventor.mit.edu/"
what happened??


From https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/ looks down.
Maybe from the Saturday maintenance of the servers of the MIT this could be have issues.
is showing down in this moment, (Sunday 15 of January)

We are aware that it is down. This is a side-effect of the power shutdown at MIT yesterday. After power was restored, the OpenStack (virtual machine management system) had problems restarting. Apparently, so many virtual machines attempted to start at once (technical term: "The Thundering Heard!") that the whole system was faltering. Classifier is one of the stuck virtual machines.

Hopefully things will get unstuck sometime today. If not, I'll bring up classifier in Amazon Web Services (AWS). This costs us $ which is why I'm not rushing off to do it.

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P.S. I'll post here when I know that it is up, either on its own, or if I help it. :slight_smile:

It sould be back now.

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