I cannot send all data to Google Sheets

I'm trying to send data to Google Sheets use Google Form, but from 20 data it's only 15 - 17 data can be written in the file. There is 1101 error displayed in the emulator.
This is the block program:

Please help
Thank you

We need to see your form, an example of the list data you are trying to send, and an image of your spreadsheet after sending.

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Your blocks is didn't structured properly

Hello Sutini

Please follow TimAI2's advice. Note also that the Emulator is not suitable for this task. Either use Companion or build an APK and test on your device (phone).

That is my Form, I just want to collect number in this form

Thank you, I have try again to run the program in my phone and it works normally, all data can be saved in the form. Thank you very much.

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