I can use fine min,but max is error

if I use find the min between 5 number, the answer is right.But if I use find max between ,it will have error message

Please download and post each of those event block(s)/procedures here ...
(sample video)

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I think your screen may be called max, which will bind more tightly since it's in the same package than to the max operator in the runtime package. The general rule of thumb is to begin your screen name with a capital letter so you don't end up colliding with any function names in the runtime library.


[Its working fine make sure that input is a number and there are no spaces and no alphabet only numeric value should be there ]


and if you are taking input from text box set the input type to number and try these blocks

Note :-

I am using only 1 textbox to take all imputs


blocks (1)


:file_folder:Test.aia (25.7 KB)

Re-iterating what @ewpatton said: It's because his screen name is (probably) set to "max" (look at the title of the screen). Setting the screen name to a function name could have some disastrous results.