I can’t test out my game

Hi, I’m on an iPad. I’ve coded a game, but now I’m having trouble testing it out. Does anyone know how to play it? Maybe add a video in the replies?

Are you using the ios companion ?

Hello. I don’t understand what you mean. Can you please clarify ‘iOS companion’?

iPads and iPhones belong to the category iOS. In MIT App Inventor, if you want to test an app, you will have to download an app called 'AI2 Companion' (also known as Companion) to help you with that. This companion app can be installed on Google Play, but since you have an iPad, Google Play cannot be found on iOS devices. So, please watch my tutorial on YouTube:

After you have installed this MIT App Inventor app on your iPhone (which is the AI Companion for iOS),
follow those steps:

  1. In your Project, go to Connect on the top, then select 'AI Companion'.

  2. After that, you should see a QR code and a 6-digit code immediately. Go to the MIT App Inventor app you have just installed.

  3. You can see 2 buttons in the MIT App Inventor app: connect with code and scan QR code. Select 'Scan QR code'. Then, scan the QR code on your computer screen with the MIT App Inventor app only.

  4. You can test your app out now after the connection.

Note: Since the iOS companion is just released, there may be some bugs.