I can´t send my app to students

I’m new here. I’m sorry if my doubt is simple. But, I followed Hour of code Tutorial and I couldn’t reach the final part. When I had to Build App (provide QR code). I generate the code, but, when I point it with my cell phone, it just opens another page (facebook page) on my cell phone . I dont know what have I done wrong. I would really like to use it with my students.

thank you.

  1. What Hour of code Tutorial Cintia? Can you provide a link?
    2). Are you using the main build server? http://ai2.appinventor.mit.edu/ If not I suggest there might be an issue with the build server you are using. A possible work around: download your Project as an aia. Then go to the main code server and load the downloaded aia (MyProjects>Import project (.aia)). After it loads, try using the Build>App ( QR code…

Does that work?


Hi @Cintia_Pitrez,

This usually happens because you have the Chrome app already running. Try closing it first and then scanning the code. This will open a new tab that will download the compiled app and Chrome will then prompt if you want to open it.