I can’t change the app icon

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I can’t change the app icon.
I try to attach the jpg format file and png.
What is the reason?
The file size is smaller than 10kb.

More information would be helpful. What are you implicating by stating you can’t change the icon? Is the icon not visible after building the application or is there an error showing up in the web editor? What stage of the process is something going wrong?


Are you setting the Icon on Screen1?

Of course. The picture is on screen 1 and has uploaded.
And when I built the apk file 1 to 3 times, there was no problem to make a icon I wanted.
but after that time the icon offered as basic by the app inventor having honeycomb pattern.

Uploading isn’t enough.
You also have to name the file in Screen1.Icon.
See attached:
Icon ic_launcher

Also search for Icon in FAQ

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OMG!!! So easy.
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The option to chose an icon is not showing fro me in screen 1. Any ideas?

sorry for the bad screenshot

Canned Response ABG - Project Properties

Project Properties
Project Properties2

nvm i figured it out