I can not save the file2

I'm still trying to save the list to a csv file. I almost succeeded. I read the csv file then write the lists into a large list and save them to csv. the problem is within the scope of the list. brackets [" are saved to the csv file, and when reading this file, problems occur because of these brackets. How can I remove them when saving?


the first file I read from:
file where you saved the list:

if anyone thinks why I save the same thing, because I want everything to work correctly at first, and then I will already work with the necessary data.

Looking at your blocks, you have got yourself into a muddle. When you read bridge_tut2.csv you then do the same thing to it with File1.gottext.

Either set a variable and use if statements in your File1.gottext, to select between different files, or use a second file component to handle the different files.

Using one file component and a variable


or like this with 2 File components