I can not save the file

there is such an array, for example a = [["name;age"],["max,22"]].
it is a multidimensional array. how to replace, for example, "name" with "surname" and then save everything to the csv file.
I did something. I was able to save. read the file, but it was displayed crookedly, and then after re-reading the file data returned to the original value 0_o.
need to be used correctly: list to csv table list.

This does not represent a two column table.
At most, it represents a one dimensional list of single item lists.

How do I know this?

Look at the quotes. They disable the internal commas from doing their jobs of delimitting items in a row.

Show us how you made this.

Also beware of the ';' in the header row. It should be a comma.

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