I can not get value from firebase to mit app

this 'set label2.text to' block should be in a 'else' block

and there are many post about login with firebase, please search the forum before ask a question.

My login is ok I didn't get sensor data from firebase in mit app

when why you post the blocks of login?

From your screen shot, I did not see any about change the sensor data on Firebase.

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I didn't get value from firebase to mit app

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You just send the blocks again, and nothing new. Still no blocks to change the data.

This DataChanged event only fires when/after you change the data.

Show your firebase data structure from the firebase console

I am sending DHT11 and moisture sensor data from esp8266 to firebase.
I am getting data on firebase but still not on mit app last time I have got data but from few days i am not able to get data on mit app

You are requesting data from the following tags:
soilMoisture, humidity,temperature

yet you have the following tags in your firebase data:

These tags are all at the root of your project, so you should not need to set a projectBucket.

this was the actual

Have you added any data to firebase from your app yet ? You need to send it something, even a dummy tag:value, in order to initialise DataChanged....ah I see you are doing login so dataChanged should work.

actually just tested, works fine for me



This is when I change those values in the firebase console.

From NODE MCU ESP8266 sensor data is uploading to firebase but I am not receiving data on mit app
Same app was working at Last days

You appear to have some rules set on your project?
For testing, set these to read:true and write:true.

same problem also facing me any one have soluation

Explain exactly what the problem is, show your relevant blocks, firebase data.