I built a memo managing application

I had first built this app like 2 years ago, as I felt that I need a simple memo application.

then I put more and more features upon it, that I decided to finish this at some point. and now I did it.

I thought it might be fine to upload it on google playstore, but I kinda found out there are many decent todo-list managing applications already.

so I’m kinda just uploading it here… Big big thanks to taifun and many .aix authors. and also here the AI2 community.

It has language preference(I utilized excel power query), dark theme(color inversion), and reserving note.

once you reserve a note, the note will be added up to designated tab list on those days you set.

(icon, first UI, note modifying UI - you can get into it by long-clicking those notes.)

(reserving note screen)

(strings.xlsx that i utilized to generate language preference strings)

download link

I think I’m going to upload this at playstore anyways(with adding some more language strings), though I don’t expect many people will download it :sob::confused:

feedback will be very much appreciated :smiley::smiley:


Can you tell which extensions you used?
Are you planning on publishing the aia also so others can learn?

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