I am trying to use Small Camera Extension 3 by Juan Antonio

I am getting the following error 201: The Camera did not return an image. I checked the forum but the only information on that error is from 2015 for the standard camera component. I don’t know how to get a hold of Juan Antonio directly. Any help is appreciated… Here is a link to the component


Please provide the Make/Model/OS Version of your device.

Samsung Note 10+ Android 10

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Not long ago, Appinventor updated the Camera Component for issues with Android OS v10.
I don’t have time to look at the code right now but it’s possible the extension will need to be updated as well to handle OS v10.

A couple of things we can try/look at:
Does your app have Both Camera and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions?

Does your device have a Pictures Folder?

Yes the folder is there, in fact with the standard Camera component it does take a photo and places it in the Pictures directory. The problem then is that the gallery does not see that image. I am using Kodular Companion I have not compiled it to an app yet.

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As you can see in this image a photo file is there but when I look in the gallery the image does not show up nor does the Pictures folder.

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Try this block:

From the Tools Extension:


That worked!! Why is that needed?

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There’s a brief explanation on the site, under the GalleryRefresh Block but it doesn’t explain the technical reason.

My brief technical explanation: As I understand it, it basically indexes the image.
The Gallery doesn’t see it until it’s indexed.


Thank you for your help!!

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