I am trying to send and get response from my hosting using php code file like this but

i get this when i use the button click

Warning : Undefined array key "cateto1" in /storage/ssd3/292/21963292/public_html/app2/envioprecios.php on line 4

Warning : Undefined array key "cateto2" in /storage/ssd3/292/21963292/public_html/app2/envioprecios.php on line 5
Cateto 1 = Cateto 2 = Hipotenusa = 0

This is not a php coding forum.

That said, your php code works OK.

Are you missing the ?



the code is working using the companion but when
i compile the apk get the error 1101: unable to get the especific url. i dont know why maybe is the hosting?. i use web000 but in mode free or its my app?. i compile the apk using ai2 offline maybe its my version of ai2?. its 2.65 the version.

Were you missing the ? or is it in your first line of the url ?

AI2Offilne is not supported here. Ask on those forums.

It is best to not mix and match aia projects between AI2 and AI2Offline, unless you really know what you are doing.

ok i will compile my code in the mit server and trying if i get the same problem. if its the same problem maybe its the hosting and i will try different hosting. thanks for help

ok i compile using mit server and its working in the version of mit server. i dont know why the offline version fail. well thanks por help

I told you why above.

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