I am trying to display the patient's sugar, oxygen and sugar level

I am facing this error:-


when I am running this code to get the paitent's values under his/her name. Can anyone help?

You have built a string not a list for your tag value...

But after I change it to this code,
image and
image it is sotring the values in the database but is not displaying them. Please help

It's time for you to learn:

  • to store incoming tags and values into global variables for debugging before making assumptions about them
  • the Companion's Do It feature to inspect global variables
  • how to use dictionaries and JSON text to marshal multi-part data

Actually, I am a part of the hackathon....... so a direct solution would be appreciated :slight_smile:........ but I still won't miss this fun learning opportunity! :smiley:

Did you read this :arrow_up: @AkshajSinghal

Yes obviously @TekWizer and I corrected my code too :frowning: