I am not able to find the "WHEN DO" and "SET TO" Blocks


I am new here and I am following the Firebase Authentication in App Inventor Using Javascript to complete the tutorial, but I can not find some blocks like "when do", "set to"
Please I need your help.

Thank you.

Set to ... can be found in variables, drag it to block section, click the arrow and choose one the variables you have already created


As for when ...either click in Screen or Clock and you will find them

Thank you so much @Ria_Das , I was mostly focusing on the colors for set to. As you can see in the below screenshot, it is not the same colors.

Thank you again; Let me try.

Hi @Ria_Das , I am about to finish the tutorial but I am stuck now on 2 blocks; can you please help me again?


  1. the block with: if then else if then else if then

I found the below one instead of the above

Go to controls , choose if.. then .. else if.. then .. block. Then you can click on the mutator, little gear :gear: and customize block


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Thank you @Ria_Das

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