I am not able to connect my emulator

I tried connecting from both my mobile and pc it did not work

estou apavorado , pois estava a seis meses criando um projeto e não consigo mais realizar os testes

Nobody can
Totally not working

suggest to email to

Where are you located? What emulator are you using?

I am presently using the simple emulator MIT provides with aiStarter and everything is working fine in Texas at the moment. (at 7:15 a.m. CST )

Please try again; if your emulator still does not respond; describe what happens..this may be a localized outage.

If you're using the emulator package provided by MIT, make sure that your firewall is configured to allow the aiStarter program to listen to incoming connections on port 8001 and 8004.

If you are using another emulator package (e.g., Genymotion or Bluestacks) and you're connecting with the code, the rendezvous server that negotiates a connection was unresponsive. This has been fixed.