I am building a local video player app and cannot play a tiny 17 second 360p video from internal storage

I am building a video player app that opens videos from a specific directory. I tested it inside of an Android 4.4 Emulator and found that the small 360p video I was talking about in the title showed an error that it cannot be played. I tested a Big Buck Bunny video and it worked. Is there a workaround or extension for this? I do not want to have to use cloud-based methods.

We don't publish an emulator image for Android 4.4--only Android 2.1 and Android 5. Each version of Android has different codecs. It's possible that version 4.4 doesn't have the codec required the play the video in question. Have you tried an emulator with a newer Android version?

I used Genymotion personal.

I personally don't use GenyMotion (I use the Android emulator). @TIMAI2 and @ABG are the biggest proponents of GenyMotion and might be able to assist you better.

What difference does that make? There are no changes in the emulators.

I have no experience with video formats in Android.

I DO remember that Genymotion personal lets you choose from a wide variety of versions of Android, all free.

So if one Android version doesn't work for that video, try other versions.

UPDATE: This was a problem for the KitKat emulator only, I tested the video in an Android 9 Pie emulator with Genymotion as well. I don't think that KitKat or any versions below it supported MP4 files. The Big Buck Bunny video was a 3GP video. Also, since my app plays videos locally from the device's internal storage, will the under 1 megabyte limit apply or will that only apply if it is an asset in my app? I have built a similar app in the past with a short 1080p video and successfully tested it on Android 7.0 Nougat. I think that the video would only work on Android 5.0 Lollipop and above.

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