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Why can't I access the App Inventor site? It's open now. Is it because there was an update? Class was difficult because the site was not accessible for a long time. Please notify us in advance

Strange, it works for me here...

There was a hypervisor failure, difficult to advise in advance ! (Clairvoyant needed....)


I see. Thank you. Is there any way to do this in the future if this error occurs again and the site cannot be opened?

  • wait, server issues are usually fixed within a few hours if not minutes/ The server is not monitored 24/7 by MIT.
  • use the alternative server at MIT App Inventor which is on a different system. Rarely do both the main and alternative servers go down simultaneously.
  • download a third party stand alone clone of App Inventor. This option is NOT provided by MIT.
  • do a coding exercise using pencil and paper to plan the code you will add when the server is available.
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Thank you for the detailed answer. You said to use an alternate server in case of a problem with the primary server. How can I use the alternate server?

You follow the link, @SteveJG posted earlier, which is


Switching to another server also requires having a current .aia export file to load onto the other server.

That's good practice anyway.

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