Http Post to Node-Red Flow takes ages

Hello there, I’m currently building an app to Upload a Picture, Sound and GPS to my Node-Red flow. Now to my problem: I encode the Image with base64 and then post the string, this takes around 20-30 seconds even tough I can see the image in my flow after about 1-3 seconds, so my conclusion was that the response is taking this long, I tried to minimize the response size but this won’t solve my problem. (Posting GPS only takes 1-3 seconds)

One of the fun things about this board is learning of the new tools out there.
Node-Red sounds like it’s fun and simple.

But as a message broker, should it have to handle big files like pictures?
Maybe upload the picture to a heavier duty site like Google Drive and send Node-Red the URL?

Alternatively, rework your user interface to come back to the user immediately, while your upload process works off upload queues in TinyDB or global list variables.

As far as I know Node-Red can easily handle this big files. And I also solved my Problem, it wasn’t connected to the HTTP connection at all, I apparently tried to print my encoded JPG into a label which caused the app to try to render around 800,000 characters… so yeah. :blush:

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