Http:// takes too much time to load is taking too much time to load on my browser and won't open. I tried to clear data and cache but it still the same. The main site is working perfectly fine. My internet speed is is working fine.

what browser do you use?

Working/loading fine in this part of the world.

Have you changed something on your computer recently that might be causing this?

Try a different computer / different network connection / incognitio browser ?

I use Google Chrome.

hmm there should be no problem :thinking:

Last night was also like this but it suddenly worked. Now it went back from loading forever. I tried to use incognito but still the same. I wonder because my colleague here same area with me, works just fine.

Could the Browser have a fault or be slowed down by an AntiVirus program? A network cable fault (physical faulty connection that is intermittent)?

Firefox latest Windows version is 88.0.1
Chrome latest Windows version is 90.0.4430.212

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