Não consigo permanecer conectado, fica saindo e pedindo para reiniciar a conexão, por favor me ajudem.
(seção desatualizada)

That link is only visible to you. If you want help with the particular project, you need to export it from the Project menu and upload it here.

Could you clarify what you mean when you say it keep asking you to restart the connection? A screenshot might be helpful here.
falo da conta no mit app inventor 2.

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sou novo aqui, e estou me dedicando para aprender mais sobre, programação em blocos, pois eu não fiz curso de programação, mas estou aprendendo a cada dia.


Hmm. There could be a few different issues that could be causing this.

First is if you have multiple tabs open with App Inventor, they will compete for control over the session, so make sure you only have one tab with open.

Second, there might be some strong caching going on that is preventing your browser from downloading the latest version. You can try clicking on the Refresh button while holding the Shift key down to reload the page.

Third, double check any extensions you might have installed in your browser to see if they could be interfering with your connection.

Lastly, consider trying a different browser, such as Firefox, to see if the problem persists there as well.


grato por sua ajuda, foi resolvido.

@algryk Great! Glad it's working for you now.

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