Hey! So I'm beginning a big project for school and I could really use one help. To be honest with you guys I don't really understand coding, and I need help. I want the app to make certain questions disappear until either yes or no is hit. So far I've made some of the questions reappear(At least I tried to). I want them to be visible when the yes or no button before is hit, and I don't know how to do that. Originally I was going to create multiple screens, but I have way to many screens and it exceeds the limit of 10 screens. If you could please help that would be great!

Please export your project and post it here.

Your app's gameplay is unclear.

Could you give us an example?

I'm not on a computer, I'm actually on my IPad and it isn't sending correctly. Is there anyway I can send the project tomorrow and you help me then? Sorry for the confusion.

ZodiacSigns_GB_NF_StartScreen.aia (12.1 KB)

I don't know if you can see this download. Keep in mind that I've really only started some of my designer view, and only like 1 part out of many parts are complete on my Blocks view.

Your current design (one question per screen) is doomed to fail when you hit the AI2 10 screen limit.

I suggest you build a shared Google Sheet with your zodiac signs, questions, and responses (true/false) and a separate scoring sheet, then develop your app to download the questions and present them in order one by one, reusing the same label and buttons.


  • sign
  • question
  • answer

I realized that. Now I am having all my questions on one screen and making them invisible until the yes or no button is clicked. When the button is clicked the next question will apear while the first questions visibility is false and that question disappears and so on. Thank you for the help!

@Grace_Burle Please post the new .aia file if you still want help on the coding part of the project. I will help anytime, and anywhere... just ask. :+1: :smile:


Even better than adding all your questions to one screen would be to reuse the same components, for a size reduction of an order of magnitude.

Here is a sample app that asks questions but reuses components...

You logic and questions would be different, but the reuse idea is the same.