HTTP/0.9 with Web?

I recently created a project that uses an Arduino Mega and a WiFi module. Connecting with a desktop browser, browser on the Android device, or even a webView component in an App Inventor app works without issue. However, attempting to send a GET request to the module using the Web component returns an error 1101.

After trying a GET request in a terminal I got the following error:

curl: (1) Received HTTP/0.9 when not allowed

If I add the --HTTP0.9 flag to the command it works without issue.

My understanding of this issue is the WiFi module is very primitive and can only respond with HTTP/0.9. I have posted on the Arduino forum to see if anyone there can help getting the WiFi module to use something newer.

What I need is an extension or some other method of communication (perhaps using activityStarter?) that allows me to send a GET request to the server without worrying about the response being HTTP/0.9. The module understands GET requests up to HTTP/1.1 and will send a response (this is exactly how it works in a browser), however the issue seems that the response it sends can only be HTTP/0.9. All I need is to be able to send a GET request without an error, for this project seeing the response would be nice but optional. Any help is appreciated.

A side note is that the commands are run on the Arduino project despite the error message. A solution that simply censors those really annoying messages would not be the best but would work.


1101 = "Unable to get a response with the specified URL". We would need to see your Blocks and the URL to work out why that happens.

If you really want to suppress error messages (not recommended), try using the Web .GotText Block and if the response Code is 1101, do nothing. You might also need to do the same thing with the Screen ErrorOccured Block.

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Thanks for the support, but I was able to resolve the issue on the Arduino end so that the server is actually responding with http/1.1 now. Now everything works and I can send requests with the Web module without errors.

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That's good news and thanks for letting us know the solution. It could help others that hit a similar issue.