HTML Whatsapp link

After create an app and install in moblie phone when i tap to back button app get close,second problem is to if give whatspp link in any page that link did not work

<script async src=''></script>
    var wa_btnSetting = { "btnColor": "#16BE45", "ctaText": "WhatsApp Us", "cornerRadius": 40, "marginBottom": 20, "marginLeft": 20, "marginRight": 20, "btnPosition": "right", "whatsAppNumber": "+916304957599", "welcomeMessage": "Hello Sir, ", "zIndex": 999999, "btnColorScheme": "light" };
    var wa_widgetSetting = { "title": "Safe Investment Advisor", "subTitle": "Typically replies in a hours", "headerBackgroundColor": "#1B334D", "headerColorScheme": "light", "greetingText": "Hi there! \nHow can I help you?", "ctaText": "Start Chat", "btnColor": "#57f16f", "cornerRadius": 40, "welcomeMessage": "Hello", "btnColorScheme": "light", "brandImage": "", "darkHeaderColorScheme": { "title": "#333333", "subTitle": "#4F4F4F" } };
    window.onload = () => {
        _waEmbed(wa_btnSetting, wa_widgetSetting);
<div id="wa-btn-wrapper" style="position: fixed; z-index: 999999; bottom: 20px; right: 20px;">
    <div id="wa_btn-content" style="background: #16BE45; padding:  ; border-radius: 40px">
            <span><img src="design/img/whatsapp-logo.png" height="25px" alt=""></span>
            WhatsApp Us

WebViewer in AI2 do not have full function as browser in PC/phone.

so is there any alternate way to do this ...if you have or you can find it please help me out

Maybe try web component (not sure though) : D

The Web component is for REST API requests.

You might want to try out FAB.

Use CustomWebView.