Html input file is not working with CustomWebView


im trying to input image from customWebviewer to website but its not responding , is there any way to make it work ??

in my website im using simple html input tag .
appreciate your help


Remove style="display: none;" from your code and check, and also show us your blocks.

i have removed and checked still doesnt work!!

Show your blocks

which part you want ? i have lot of blocks

All blocks

Can you please explain what you are trying to do?

  • upload an image file?
  • download an image file?
  • display an image file?
  • something else ?

Show all your html (as text)


i want to upload an image , so the scenario is like there is a user profile where user has a button will click in order to upload an image to website , this is normally works on all mobile browser .

the question is does CustomWebView support HTML input file Tag ??

Please show your relevant blocks, the html you have shown tells us very little.

this is my initial block , when i click upload photo it suppsed to open file manager to pick a photo from device , this is works on all mobile browser , note im using version 11 of customwebview

Maybe this might help


awesome it works now :star_struck: , only one problem when If file upload window is been dismissed and image not been picked up then the (fileuploadneeded) event will not trigger any more , i have to close application then run application again :frowning_face_with_open_mouth: any solution to this ??

solved :star_struck: :star_struck: thank you guys for your support :pray:

in case any one needed this is final solution


Try passing an empty text to that method when nothing is picked.


thank you dear :pray: :heart: