[HOWTO] 📚 Dictionary API Without Extension

:computer: Introduction

There are couple of extensions on the web that does this, but sometimes they are either slow or do not work with low connectivity. So I made this with the same API used that does not require a lot of waiting time. It's free, with zero quota.

:computer: Tutorial

I have already used the API, and here are two different words' JSON files.

image image

They are both a dictionary in a list, and they almost have the same pattern: "word", "phonetics", and "meanings". In the left JSON, you can see there are 3 hidden dictionaries in the "meanings" list.

This is one of them.


It comes with "partOfSpeech", "definitions", "synonyms", then "antonyms".

If we go back and open up the "phonetics" list, we can see this.


As you can see, not all dictionaries in the list has "text", which is the phonetic value of that dictionary. Later on in the code, we are going to skip dictionaries like these.

According to this theory, we can make out a dictionary app with these blocks.

I will post an explanation here later after I label the blocks.

DictionaryTest.aia (6.4 KB)

:camera: Output

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