HOWTO : Change package name of your builder

Video tutorial -


@Aarush_Kumar nice work but here is the guide of the "How to add custom package name?" see this thread on Google Groups...


the guide is good but due to i am not that much advanced i cant understand the steps
see here is what i dont get -
1st the first step i got to add designerproperty
2nd in the second step i get it but i dont know how to check if it is screen1 and how to show it only in screen1
3rd i am not getting how do we add a method to extract package name from project settings
4th i dont get the 4th step at all
5th i dont get 5th step also
i know basically i dont get anything sorry for being this irritating :cry:

For the first step you need to check file present in appengine directory, there you will find some properties which are only for Screen1 follow the same structure for this property (PackageName) also, try this if you are not able then please feel free to ask.

Add your code here for only screen1

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great thanks for help i completed the first step and second step now for the third step about changing in the project class

Have you completed first step?

yes i did i changed the mockform and added a deigner property in form

@Aarush_Kumar I hope you will make a video soon !

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@ewpatton i am sorry to ping but i hope you can help me :sweat:

Just wait I will create topic for guidance tonight.

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Hi @preetvadaliya I know its a long time i just need to know 1 thing can you tell how to access project settings from build server i dont see any method to do so?