How write App1 for install/upgrade other App2?

Having to install / update App2 frequently on many phones I would like to understand if it is possible to create an App1 program that installs / updates App2, taking it from the website (not from PlayStore)?

This might be helpful:

I have the same issue. I checked the tips in but i was not able to let this work, also by trying many examples i have found around.
I tried also to AskPermission android.permission.REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES
but it is leading me to PermissionDenied, what should i do?

In addition to requesting the permission at runtime, your app must also declare that it needs the permission in the manifest. There may be extensions to add the permissions, but otherwise you’ll have to modify the APK after compiling to add it.

try this

however this will not work in Android 10


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

In the topic indicated by @Taifun a user says that it has worked on Android 10 (I have not tested on Android 10). Try and let us know if it works for you.
It’s working on
Realme 5 Pro Android 10

Thank you all!
This Ext by Juan_Antonio works like a charm! It’s super easy and doesn’t require any Permission, any ActivityStarter…
My compliments to Juan_Antonio, great job!
I couldn’t test on Android 10, sorry, as soon as i can i will try and report it.
I was also looking for a way to pay this extension but i didn’t find, can you tell me how please?

Thanks @crlx2

I tested on a new phone: it works also on android 10 :wink: :+1:
Is there any way to install and open without any confirmation at the end of installation?


Dear all,
Has anyone encountered problems like this image using the com.KIO4_Install_v3.aix extension?
This error came out when tested on Android Oreo / Api = 27 (Samsung J7 Prime) & Android10 / Api = 29 (Samsung Galaxy A30S).
But if on Android Marshmallow / Api = 23 (Oppo F1 A1601) it runs normally.
Thank you in advance & ask for instructions.