How would i make a posting mechanism

Hi! I'm doing a school project on appinventor where i am making an app for students to post questions. I have absolutely no clue how i would code a posting mechanism and no one has made tutorials about it. if someone could help it would make my life a lot easier. Thanks

Just questions?

Will you also need to post answers to the questions?

Will you need to associate student names with the questions they post?

Will you need to allow a teacher to clean up or delete rude questions?

How long should the questions live? Till end of class? A Week?

Will multiple classes use this app, and need to keep their questions separate from each other?


This app could be a modified Chat app George. is a basic chat app that could be modified to your purposes.

Hello George

So, the first step, before any code, is to determine your specification (what the App must do). ABG has given you hints about the things you should consider. I'll add more - how many students? Are the questions to be kept private between student and teacher or will they be public (everyone can see every question)?

Ensure your spec is as simple as possible - only deliver features that are absolutely necessary, but at the same time, User friendly and cost effective.

Once you have a definitive spec, then you can build an App to meet it.

you mean same like this posting machanism in mit app inventor?

do you know how to create websites if you know create one and host for free on 000webhost and then copy the url and paste it to the home url of the webviewer.
this is one way😁