How would I change a picture after a day? Im making a fitness app and want to change the welcome picture depending on the day

where do you have stored those images?

I have them on a canvas. I uploaded them in the media section.

You can make a list with them and use a TinyDB to store the last image displayed (index) and the date. So, when opening the app check the stored date and compare it with the current one, if the same, you can show the stored image, if different then show the next image in the list, and store the new index with the date.

How would I block that?

You will need the image list, a tinyDB component, a clock component to calculate the current day....


is there a certain block for the tinyDB?

You need to drag the component:

and use the blocks StoreValue and GetValue :dizzy_face:

Maybe you can take a look at this:

One more question do I need a variable?

For sure.