How Uber assign task to user's nearby drivers?How we can list our users location in map with nearby user with firebase/cloudb?

Hey guys,

I'm trying to design app in which user can assign a task in their nearby location to the another our app's user.Just like how uber does assgin a task to nearby drivers.
Mean,How we can list our users location in map with nearby user with firebase/cloudb??
and how we can assign a task to nearby user?
I wanna know the logic behind this.
If anyone is interested to help,then it would be a great help.

  1. Have some predefined circles of a suitable size on your map (make not visible)
  2. When a user becomes available, set a circle's co-ordinates to that user
  3. Test each "driver" to see if they are "inside" the circle (geofencing)
  4. Assign driver

You will need a "driver app" that reports the driver positions to firebase/cloud, which can be pulled in by the "user app".

Here is a discussion of one way to accumulate some of the location/distance information you might need to build your app Social Distancing ... a CloudDB / Location Marker Tutorial

Use Tim's advice and use the tools in the Social Distancing app for parts of your app. Everyone who would use your service would need a copy of your app. As Tim mentions, you probably will want an ability to turn off some features for the users and allow only some features for signed in drivers.

Good luck.

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